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IUPUI offers a distinctive range of bachelor's, master's, professional, and Ph.D. degrees in more than 225 undergraduate and graduate majors.

Undergraduate Degrees

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Graduate & Professional Degrees

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Schedule of Classes

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Honors College

Learn about options for highly motivated and creative students

Undergraduate research

Not only are top researchers actually teaching many of your courses, but you may have the chance to work with them in the lab, too!

Some of the topics students have tackled in recent semesters:

  • Pair up with a research mentor and study fuel-cell technology, nanotechnology or biomedical engineering.
  • More interested in social issues? Then explore the impact of the arts in religion and culture, or the impact of homelessness on segments of our population.
  • Intrigued by the world of law and order? Then delve into efforts to combat online identity theft.

Research Opportunities:

Students like you are an important part of IUPUI's research foundation. On our campus, the real world is an every-day learning opportunity.

International Opportunities

Want to study the ancients in Athens or aboriginal culture in Australia? Ready to learn the law in Argentina or explore AIDS' impact on Kenya? Does health care in Russia, art history in London or philanthropy in Italy appeal to you?

These are just some of the options other IUPUI students have savored in past years. The campus truly does offer "a world of options" to broaden your horizons. And at IUPUI, you can study abroad as early as your freshman year.

The Office of International Affairs will help you select a program, prepare you for foreign study, help with financial aid, and transfer earned credit back to IUPUI.

Learn from international students about their home
One of IUPUI's longstanding traditions will bring the world to you through the weekly International Cultural Hours. IUPUI students from other countries will treat you to a presentation of their homeland, complete with authentic ethnic food.

Live an international experience on campus
If you'd like to live cross-culturally in an IUPUI learning community, then International House in the Campus Apartments at the Riverwalk may be for you. Typically, International House — open to both international and U.S. students — attracts men and women from up to 20 countries, with regular programs that explore global issues, exchange ideas and perspectives, and discuss international events.