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The IUPUI Campus

IUPUI is a vibrant campus in the heart of Indianapolis, covering more than 510 acres and bordered by the White River, Fall Creek and West Street. The campus is adjacent to two of Indianapolis' six cultural districts - the Canal & White River State Park and also Indiana Avenue. IUPUI also is within walking distance of two other dynamic districts.

Modern facilities mean the newest learning and living spaces

The campus is rapidly growing, with several major new buildings opened since 2002:

Eskenazi Hall is home to the Herron School of Art & Design, which includes amazing spaces for learning about, creating, and appreciating art.

The Campus Center, home to the Jags Bookstore, admissions, financial aid, and student life, opened up in Spring of 2008. It serves as the home base for students and has ample study space and plenty to do with the game rooma or the Office of Student Involvement.

The Informatics & Communications Technology Complex, or ICTC, is the home of technology on campus, and is where global computing networks are maintained. The Schools of Informatics, Journalism and Music call this amazing facility home.

The Apartments on the Riverwalk opened in 2004, and house nearly 750 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. The apartments are adjacent to the River Walk, which is part of the Indianapolis Greenways trail system, and provides access to the Downtown Canal and White River State Park.

21st century libraries

The IUPUI University Library is central Indiana's premier academic research library designed to serve the needs of 21st century students, researchers and the community. In addition to holdings of more than 650,000 volumes, subscriptions to 4,000 plus periodicals and journals, and a full range of reference materials, the library hosts more than 250 public computer stations for access to the library's electronic resources and the Internet.

Athletic facilities attract the world to campus

IUPUI is a popular host for numerous sporting events, from the U.S. Olympic Trials (swimming, diving, track & field) to the 1987 Pan American Games and the USA Track & Field Championships. Twelve world records have been broken in the Natatorium, considered one of the fastest pools in the world. Students have access to these facilities for staying in shape or recreational sports.