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Essay Information for Admission to IUPUI

Starting your essay:

IUPUI requires an essay as part of its application process. Provide a 200 - 400 word essay that addresses the question below.

Describe your academic and career plans and any special interests (for example, undergraduate research, academic interests, leadership opportunities, etc.) that you are eager to pursue as an undergraduate at IUPUI. If you encountered any unusual circumstances, challenges, or obstacles in completing your education, share those experiences and how you overcame them.

Acceptable formats are .pdf, .doc/.docx, and .txt files.

  • You can create a .pdf file from many different text or word processing softwares. Learn more about creating a .pdf here:
  • A .doc/.docx file can be created using Microsoft Word, part of the Microsoft Office package available on many computers.
  • A .txt file can be created using a plain-text editor. Windows comes with Notepad, while Mac OS X includes TextEdit.

Use the upload process on the IU e-app program to submit your essay with your application.

Hints on writing your essay:

  1. The question is designed to allow you the opportunity to expand on your application answers and tell us more about yourself. Some use the question to tell us about their passions and interests; others talk about challenges and achievements.
  2. Transcripts and test scores tell us about your academic performance. Use this essay as a way to give us insights about yourself that these records cannot.

    Don’t be dismayed by the essay’s length. It is shorter than you realize! Click here to see what a 200 word essay looks like!
  3. There isn’t a right or wrong answer to the essay request. Be yourself. It is clear when a student is speaking authentically about their chosen topic. We don’t want you to just tell us what you think we want to hear!
  4. Here are some samples essays that students have submitted. Get inspired!