IUPUI Alert! A Tornado Warning has been issued for Marion County. Go immediately to the lowest level of the building you are in or near, and take cover in an area with no windows. If time does not permit and you are outdoors or in a car, seek shelter in a ditch or ravine (NOT under an overpass). For additional information and updates, listen to a NOAA weather radio or other accessible media. Do not leave shelter until the tornado warning has expired or an all clear is given.

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image: Graduate Student in Downtown Indianapolis

Credit for U.S. Military Training

By submitting a copy of the DD214, DD275 or Joint Services Transcript, students who received an honorable discharge or who are currently serving in the United States military and who enroll at IUPUI will receive college credit for military training. Our business practice is to post no more than 12 hours of credit. Per IUPUI academic policy, all military credit is undistributed credit with a few exceptions for Military Science and a few HPER courses.