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Transfer Credit Policies

What will transfer

  • Accredited courses: Coursework completed at, or degrees from, U.S. institutions accredited by the six regional accrediting agencies are generally accepted.

  • You’ve earned a grade of C or better in completed coursework.

  • Coursework integrates into academic programs at IUPUI.

What may transfer

  • Military Credit

  • Courses you’ve taken at other colleges and universities that do not match courses in the same departments on our campus may transfer in as undistributed credit and are usually applicable as elective credit.

What won't transfer

  • Courses in which your grade was less than C, unless you are transferring from another campus of Purdue University and plan to enroll in a Purdue degree program at IUPUI. All Purdue coursework will transfer, including those with D and F grades, to your IUPUI record.

  • Courses and/or unit credits awarded by another institution for placement examinations or credit by exam.

  • Coursework taken at nationally accredited institutions.

  • Life and work experience, unless applying for General Studies.

  • Remedial/college preparatory/personal development.

  • Graduate level courses.

You can find the Official IUPUI Transfer Credit Policy HERE.

You can find the Transfer Tools Page HERE.