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Admission Requirements

Standard Admission

As part of the review of your application, we will examine your high school courses completed, grades, your essay, and SAT or ACT results. We use the following standards when making admission decisions :

You must have graduated from high school or will graduate before enrolling.

The best preparation for college studies is the completion of a strong college-prep curriculum. If you are a current Indiana high school student, you are expected to complete Core 40 and are strongly encouraged to earn the Academic Honors Diploma.

If you are not in an Indiana high school, you should at minimum complete the equivalent to Indiana's Core 40.

You must provide the results of your SAT or ACT (scores must be received at IUPUI by May 1). If your class has graduated and a fall semester has passed since you graduated, you do not need to take the SAT or ACT. Though test results are considered during the admission review, we do not deny students strictly based on their test results. The SAT or ACT is most important when considering you for dual admission to your intended major and scholarship consideration.

Though no grade point average guarantees admission to IUPUI, we generally expect to see students with a “B” average when reviewing applications. The most important factors will be the grades you earned.

Students who do not meet our admissions standards may be invited to our Online Math Academy, or will be deferred to a local community college to complete some preparatory courses prior to being eligible for admissions and to enroll at IUPUI. You must re-apply after beginning these courses. Please refer to the IUPUI/Ivy Tech Partners Program for a list of the courses to complete.

Online Math Academy

If you do not meet the standard admission criteria, you may be considered for conditional admission based on the successful completion of our Online Math Academy. Students must be invited to the OMA to be eligible to participate.

Home School Students

If the educator is creating his or her own transcript, it must be notarized. Please itemize each course with the grade earned by academic year and include a grade point average. In addition, please state when the student will complete all required courses. SAT or ACT results must also be provided.

If the home school is offering courses where the title does not clearly identify the subject content, please include a brief description of the course.

If the home school is utilizing a transcript service, have the service provide an official transcript.

GED & TASC Admission

If you have taken the General Education Development Exam (GED), you must receive an average score of 530 or higher on the GED and a score 500 on the writing section.

If you have taken the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), you must receive an average score of 570 or higher on the TASC and a score 575 on the writing section.

HiSet Scores

14 (out of 20) on the Math, Reading, Science, or Social Studies HiSET subscale,

9 (out of 14) on the HiSET writing.