IUPUI Alert! A armed robbery and carjacking just occurred in Lot 72 or 725 W North Street. Suspects were two black males with a gun. Trust your instincts and take safe shelter. If you are not in the area, stay away. Follow instructions from university officials or local authorities. Call 9 1 1 with information. For available information and updates on this dangerous situation visit

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Preparing for college life and ultimately selecting what school they will attend can be a daunting task for high school seniors. Fortunately, most students have the beneficial resources of parents and high school counselors to help guide them through the process. In the pages that follow, you will find information and other resources about IUPUI geared specifically for these two influential groups.

I am a Parent or Guardian

You will find information about student housing, tuition and financial aid, admission requirements, student life, and academic information.

I am a Counselor or Transfer Advocate

This site is an online resource provided to high school guidance counselors, as well as community college transfer student advocates, to assist them with informing their students about admissions, academics and life at IUPUI.