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Purdue Visiting Students

This information is for students seeking degrees on other Purdue campuses who wish to enroll at IUPUI for the summer or a single term.

If you are a student at another Purdue campus, and you wish to take courses at IUPUI:

  1. Talk to your academic advisor at your home campus to identify courses you need.
    You'll also want to be sure how a course taken at another campus, such as IUPUI, will meet the degree requirements at your home campus.
  2. Remember you cannot apply for loans or any other type of financial aid.
    You are not working on a degree at IUPUI and federal regulations do not allow financial aid.
  3. Review course availability.
  4. Determine eligibility.
    If you are eligible to register for the next term at Purdue, you are eligible to enroll as a visiting student at IUPUI.
  5. Updating Previous Application?
    If you have applied to IUPUI within the past 18 months or have enrolled in classes at IUPUI, do not submit a new application. Instead, click here to submit the an application update form electronically.
  6. Complete application.
    You can start your application here.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will notify you of your admission and explain how to register online.