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Purdue University Transfer Students

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions is currently unable to access Purdue University’s student information system to access transcripts electronically. Until we reestablish a connection with Purdue’s system, all degree-seeking applicants must request official transcripts to be sent from Purdue to IUPUI. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Before you apply, consult key dates and deadlines page to make sure we are accepting applications for the term you wish enter. After designated dates, it is too late to use any of these forms.

This information is for Purdue students who wish to transfer to IUPUI and earn their degree from Indianapolis. If you wish to enroll at IUPUI just for the summer or one semester, but earn your degree from Purdue-West Lafayette or another campus consult our page for current Purdue students enrolling at IUPUI as visitors.

  1. Research our schools for your program of choice. If you are undecided select undecided or exploratory. Do not select General Studies unless you wish a degree in General Studies. For more information about the General Studies Degree programs, click here.
  2. Meet the Admission Requirements for Transfer Students from Purdue University.
  3. In addition to your official Purdue transcript, if you attended other colleges either before or after enrolling at Purdue, you must provide official transcripts from those colleges. Remember grade reports, FAX copies and photocopies are not official.
  4. Complete the online application. You are applying as a transfer student and you are either seeking an associate's degree (2-year degree), a bachelor's degree (4-year degree), or a certificate (one-year program).

    Please note that students who are transferring to IUPUI from a degree-seeking program at Purdue (as well as those who have received a degree from Purdue) are exempt from paying the application fee. When submitting the online application, you must be sure to enter Purdue University using the search function on the "application information" tab for the fee to be waived.