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image: Students Walking on the IUPUI Campus


A Wide Range of Degree Programs

Students at IUPUI have the incredible opportunity to earn either a Purdue University degree or an Indiana University degree at one location. There are no "IUPUI degrees". With more than 10,000 classes in hundreds of career fields, IUPUI is one of the most comprehensive institutions in Indiana.

View Degree Programs for the complete degree listings.

Receive Personal Attention and Academic Support

IUPUI does everything possible to make students feel at home on campus. This starts with enrollment counseling and is followed by the Office of Orientation Services. Students have the opportunity to meet, work with, and get to know our staff, faculty, and advisors. Our instructors are accessible and offer weekly office hours to provide extra help to students if needed.

IUPUI offers a variety of services for students to help them succeed including mentoring, peer tutoring, over 120 student organizations, and conseling (CAPS). Another service to help students succeed is the Math Assistance Center (MAC). This center offers onsite tutoring and mentoring for all students enrolled in math courses. For more support services information, to University College.

IUPUI provides special assistance due to disabilities. Adaptive Educational Services (AES) works to make campus life and learning accessible for students with disabilities. AES assists students with disabilities to achieve their educational goals through such services as note taking, interpreting, and test proctoring.

Campus Safety

IUPUI employs 34 full-time sworn police officers. The full-time and student police officers are certified as law enforcement officers. The IUPUI Police provide a number of services including more than 90 yellow emergency telephones on campus which are direct lines to the IUPUI Public Safety Dispatch Center. Students may also obtain an IUPUI Campus Police escort to their car or another building on campus by calling (317) 274-SAFE (7233) 24 hours a day. For more information including services and campus statistics, go to the IUPUI Police website.

A Campus that promotes Diversity

IUPUI students are as diverse as the city around them, coming from many walks of life, varied ethnic cultures, with different personal, academic, and professional goals. IUPUI has over 30,000 students representing all 50 states and 122 countries! View the IUPUI Diversity web site for more information.

Want to know more? Visit About IUPUI.